4 July

Carnage on Roads and Over-speeding

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On several trucks here in Ghana, I’ve noticed a sticker on the back that reads: Please call the following number in case of careless driving and over-speeding. Over-speeding. Most likely this is just Ghanaian English, but when I first saw it, I was struck by how it seems to reflect a significant problem. During my […]

19 June

Sounds of Accra

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Every place has a particular sound. I created this soundscape of Accra by walking through a busy trotro (mini-bus) station. Take a listen and maybe it will feel as though you are there! Sounds of Accra Getting the sound: I stood awkwardly at the corner of the trotro station, pretending to fumble with my newspaper […]

19 June

Accra, three years later

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It’s been three long years since I left Ghana. As I expected, some things have changed. Here’s what I’ve noticed based on my first week week back in the capital, Accra: 1. More westernization and internationalization – in all forms. From the Accra mall, to the restaurants… I’ve seen more Chinese restaurants than I can […]

18 June

Me Ko Fie

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It hit me as soon as I began to descend from the plane to the tarmac. The smell of Ghana. What was it? Humidity, yes, but something else too. A deep inhale. The red earth? A particular plant? Too quickly, my nose adjusted to the smell, and it was gone.